Starting Pre-school

Once you have completed the enrolment process and your child’s place has been confirmed at the Children’s House Montessori School, the following steps are taken to welcome your family and ensure your child is happy and comfortable when transitioning into the new and exciting stage of education.


Entry Process

A new parent orientation session is held, usually in the October before the child starts to introduce new families to the school and each other, and to the school Council.

The Enrolment Interview

The Director/Directress conducts an introductory interview with the child and parent(s) a few days before the child enters the class. This is a time for the Director/Directress to gauge the child’s readiness for school and to give the child an initial introduction to the classroom. Such information as the child’s health, interests, family background and prior experiences are discussed. Any questions parents may have can be discussed at this time.

Starting Pre-school

The Society staggers the entry of new children to each class to enable maximum attention for each new child. “New” children enter a class after “returning” children have settled back into the classroom at the beginning of a year. Timing of entry depends on the date of a child’s birthday. Under Department of Community Services guidelines, no child under three years of age is permitted in a class.

During the first week, a child’s attendance will be varied at the discretion of the Directress to ensure as smooth as possible transition into the Preschool. It may be for only two hours a day, but in most instances, the child is ready after the first week to begin normal hours five days a week.