Our Special Qualities

We have many unique and special qualities that we find make all the difference when it comes to providing a healthy and happy learning environment for the children.Our most important quality is that we are an authentic Montessori school, with Montessori trained staff utilising a full compliment of Montessori materials. The Montessori method is holistic in style, that is, children learn not only academic skills but life skills as well.

Being parent run and community- orientated, parents can have input into the strategic direction of the school with a community focus.

Our unique bushland setting allows for the external environment to be integrated into children’s learning.

Please see our other qualities below:

Child Teacher Ratio
Montessori calls the teacher in charge of a class room a Director or Directress. The basic programme classes are staffed by a Director/Directress and 2 assistants. This gives a ratio of one adult to 8 – 10 children. Extended day classes usually consist of between 5 and 10 children and are taken by the Director/Directress of their basic programme class.

Teacher Qualifications

Our two Directresses’ have Montessori qualifications. The preschool at North Ryde also has an Principal who not only has Montessori qualifications but also  an Early Childhood Degree and a Masters in primary teaching. In most other Montessori classrooms the only one with Montessori qualifications is the Directress, however at North Ryde one assistant in each class also has a Montessori diploma. Other qualifications held by Directors/Directresses and assistants vary but include university degrees, infant-primary training, early childhood education and childcare certificates.

Our teachers attend professional development sessions, some of which are: First Aid, Special Needs, Music and Dance, Montessori refreshers, and cultural activities.

Nut Free Policy

The North Ryde Preschool has a strict policy of no nuts or foods containing nuts being allowed on school premises.We are also at the moment an egg free zone as two of our children are anaphylatic with eggs.

Session Times

Most Montessori schools offer the half day pre school programme in the morning only. At North Ryde parents also have the choice of extended hours in the afternoon. These flexible hours  offer many advantages to families.

Parent Library

A parent Library is run by the school which offers, not only Montessori books, but a wide variety of books on early childhood and parenting skills. These books can be borrowed by parents. The library is continually updated with an amount of money set aside each year to purchase new books.

Fundraising Children’s Artwork Auctions

There is a tradition in the school each year, of having all children complete a small artwork, either a self portrait, thumbprint sketch or handprint. These mementos are then framed and auctioned off at the annual major fundraising night. They are always beautiful pieces of work that sometime bring about serious bidding from interested parents hoping to obtain a “moment in time” from their child’s pre school years.