Enrolment and Admission Procedures

Entry to the school is according to a set of procedures and guidelines as set out in the Parent Information Handbook and summarised in this Section. We generally only have an intake for three year olds and do not usually accept children after the age of four, unless they are a transfer from another Montessori school and provided that we have a vacancy in that age group. If the child has special needs then an interview with the Directress will help determine the level of entry for the child.


Selection Criteria

Classes have an age range between three and six years in each class. Yearly enrollment of three-year olds, replacing the older children as they leave, is therefore limited to approximately 10 in each class. Each class aims to maintain a balance of about 9 – 10 children in each of the three age groups: three-, four- and five-year olds.

The selection criteria are:
  1. The various requirements of the Department of Education.
  2. Position on the waitlist with consideration given to sibling status and gender.


Enrollment Process

Observations in the Classroom

The first step of the enrollment procedure is to book an observation of the classroom. This is done by using the calendy booking system on our home page or through the preschool’s administration assistant, who will give you day and time options to come and observe the classroom.

Because the Montessori classroom is different to many mainstream preschool classrooms, observing the classroom under normal working conditions gives you a clear picture of the environment and teaching style your children will be involved in. Please understand that your presence is an unfamiliar element in the classroom and may affect the behaviour of some children. In order to minimize this effect we ask that you remain seated and be as unobtrusive as possible.

Some frequently asked questions about observations:

How long do Observations go for?
Observations are for ½ hour, with a maximum of two adults in the classroom at one time.
When are Observations done?
Observations are done throughout the school term on set days.
If you would like to come in the morning, the times are Monday and Friday at 9.15am and 9.45am.
How do I arrange an observation?
You need to ring the school to book an Observation time. If you cannot make your booked time, please ring the school so another person can take your place, then you can also schedule another time for yourself.
Can I bring my preschool aged child and/or other children with me?
Preferably not as, younger children who are not yet enrolled in the school find the environment very exciting and will want to participate or use the equipment. We find that their presence disrupts the class and you would not get a true picture of the workings of the classroom. This causes unnecessary distractions and you become more concerned about keeping them from touching everything rather than observing the classroom children. So it is necessary to arrange alternative care for other children. If you have a small baby in a capsule under 6 months, then it is OK to bring them along.
Can I talk to the teachers during an observation?
Unfortunately, our teachers are unable to spend time talking to you during your visit. Their first priority is to the children, and we are aiming to give you a true perspective of our classroom in action. If our teachers were to spend too much time with you today then the dynamics of the classroom would change and you would not get to see how the class interacts and behaves “normally”.
What if a child wants to talk to me?
If a child comes up to you, feel free to respond briefly to their comments but explain that your “work” for the morning is to watch them, and remind them that they have “work” to do too!
Why is there no group instruction?
In the Montessori classroom the children are free to choose their own work and to work at it for as long as they desire. The Directresses’ role is to observe the children and complete records of their progress and to present the next level of activities on an individual basis when they are ready. Each child is given individual tuition. There is some time set aside each day during the 3 hour cycle for group work where music and story reading or other group activity is done.

You may have lots of questions & a separate time can be organised to speak with the Directress (either by phone or in person) so that your queries can be answered.

Waiting Lists & Enrollment Fee

To apply for a child’s admission to the School, membership of the Sydney Montessori Society is required and must be maintained on an annual basis. An enrollment fee for each child is also required. These are non-refundable fees to cover administrative expenses associated with the waiting lists.

With payment of the above fees, a child’s name is included on the waiting list for admission to a class – but this does not automatically guarantee that the child will have a place in a class. For all of the time you are a member of the Sydney Montessori Society you will receive newsletters each term and invitations to Parent Information sessions which are held for currents parents. These enable parents to have a clearer idea of the Montessori philosophy, methods and the nature of the classroom.


Formal Notification to Parents of a Place & Security Deposit

The formal offer of a place in the school is made by telephone. Upon acceptance of the place all details will be confirmed in writing. A Security Deposit, School Parent Agreement and Child Information Form need to be returned within 14 days of the offer being made.
Security Deposit

The security deposit offers both security to the school and the family involved. Depending on when your child’s birth date is, you may be offered a place almost 12 months before your child is due to start. Once your child starts at the school, the deposit is refundable in full, at the completion of the three year program.


School Fees

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Enrolment Forms

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